Regenerate, Plan, Design & Tech

The world of planning is at the start of a journey to radically improve the efficiency of outdated processes using technology. We have jumped onto that fast moving train. Come with us on the journey.

Our areas of Focus

Our products and services are being developed with a focus on three main strands 


We use technology and direct investment strategies to regenerate areas we care about

Digital Democracy

Increasing outreach and community participation in planning proccesses

Smart Governance

Utilization of technology to improve traditional systems of governance


Identifying ways and taking direct action to address climate, social and environmental issues

Our services

We sit at the boundary between traditional planning, design and regeneration processes, and emerging technologies.


We create software as a service that increases the ease and efficiency of complex planning processes such as policy formulation and application

Codes and Guides

We create user friendly, interactive online codes and guides as alternative to traditional left on the shelf guides

Design and Plan

Utilizing modern techniques to design and implement projects in the real world

Let's Connect

If you are interested in what we are developing, where we are up to and how we could possibly assist your organization, please get in touch

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