PlanTech Group

PlanTech Group Ltd is a start-up business focused primarily on smart technology solutions to modernise the UK’s planning system. Our products relate to how people can engage better with a more modernized streamlined planning process that avoids complex confusing technical jargon. The plans we hope our clients can make using technology will be all the more richer and successful when created alongside the people who will ultimately benefit

Our Focus

Our software solutions are focused on digitising all aspects of the planning process from writing policies, plans and launching projects. Our products increase efficiencies, engage better with communities and make planning more fair & equitable. 

Digital Democracy

The digital democracy and modernization of the planning process is a key objective of the government in attempt to keep pace with other industries. The technologically advanced mindset of future generations requires a planning system that utilizes the same forms of digital communication that people are now accustomed to.

Plan Making

.The digitisation of the plan making process is critical to bring the planning profession in line with the industries it intends to influence and collaborate. The software we are developing is aimed at this modernization, allowing non-technically minded stakeholders to create plans that directly influence their own community

Community Engagement

Engaging communities into the plan making process is critical to their success and using modern digital technology is core to encouraging people to join and influence the process. Engaging communities in a modern era demands modern solutions, influencing plans from using digital collaboration techniques.

Digitized plan making

We believe the creation of plans should not be the exclusive domain of technically minded experts. Instead, we feel the most successful plans are those created by and for the communities where they are located, addressing the shortage of resources at local level councils. We intend to provide those digital tools for plan making and community engagement to empower local people to influence the way their surroundings grow and adapt to modern change.

Engaging with Communities

We want to enable plans to be made by the people, for the people, as opposed to top down methods from experts working in different locations with different problems. The existing methods for engaging communities are clunky at best and non-democratic at worse. People are rarely able to find documents let alone understand the technical planning jargon that is used to form legal material considerations for planning decisions. We aim to strip out this jargon and create straight talking methods for communicating with residents and businesses who want to influence their surroundings.  

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